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Karina Malpica is a Political Science and Public Administration graduate from the Autonomous University of Mexico. She is also a graduate of the Writers School of Mexico.

Her vocation as a researcher in the field of consciousness lead her to study a number of alternative spiritual therapies and disciplineswhit Latinamerican shamans as well as other Spiritual masters from different cultures.

Then she open her self to channeling her own inner Spiritual Guides from which she now receives direct instruction and information for her healing work.

For well over ten years, she has been involved in the theoretical and empirical study of the various types of shamanism and psychoactive substances. She is the author of several books such as Las drogas tal cual… (Drugs as such…), Manual de Trabajo con Sueños (Dream Work Manual), Mind-surf Sueños que guían (Guiding dreams) and various other articles on a number of subjects related to psychoactive drugs and spirituality. She is also a co-founder and coordinator of the Essential Shamanism Community which links over 1000 Spanish-speaking individuals worldwide.

Karina is currently involved in holding conferences and workshops on the subject of shamanism, sacred plants, soul healing and dreams, in Europe and Latin America.

Here you can find more information on her work:


We invite you to join us in our next trip to Peru

From 13th to 25th of July 2010

visiting Machu Picchu and Manu biosphere

Es posible que tu navegador no permita visualizar esta imagen. Enjoy new experiences and a different way to travel…

Our purpose is to offer you a vivid experience that moves your inner self in order to achieve your connection with the energy of nature and a journey to soul's serenity.

To make it, we will take you to visit not only the most powerful, sacred and ancient Inca places, but also the heart of the Peruvian Amazon to feel the spiritual forces of our ancestors, reconnect you to mother earth ,heal you trough master plants and remind you for what are you in this planet.

13 days / 12 nights


Cusco city and surroundings – the Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu - Reserva Biósfera del Manu

What are the special things of this journey?

We will visit places where the ancient culture and biodiversity of plants and animals are completely untouched; our guides are specialists in their fields: Nicolas Paukar an important priest of the Keros community will tell us about the powerful places and Andean cosmology.

Karina Malpica offers an interesting workshop in the jungle about our own animals of power, how to connect with them directly and know what is our mission and goals to achieve in this life.

We have also two extraordinary medicine woman that have great experience with master plants and will guide the ones that want to participate of this magical ceremonies with Wachuma (San Pedro) in moray which is an Inca astrological observatory and Ayahuasca in the jungle of Manu.


Itinerary – 13 days / 12 nights


Day 1 Tuesday 13th of July – reception in Cusco

Day 2 Wednesday 14th of July – City of Cusco and surroundings

Day 3 Thursday 15th of   July – Temple of the moon and Sacsayhuaman

Day 4 Friday 16th of July – Temple of water at Tipón

Day 5 Saturday 17th of July – Maras and Moray

– San Pedro ceremony (optional)

Day 6 Sunday 18th of July –Sacred valley of the Incas

Day 7 Monday 19th of July – Machu Picchu

Day 8 Tuesday 20th of July – Aguas Calientes

Day 9 Wednesday 21th of July – Travel to the Manu Biosphere

Day10 Thursday 22th of July – Workshop about animals of power

– Ayahuasca Ceremony (optional)

Day 11 Friday 23th of July – Cloud Forest – Amaru Mayu

Day 12 Saturday 24th of July – Amaru Mayu - Chontachaca

Day 13 Sunday 25th of July – Chontachaca – Cusco


Price: 950 euro (1320 Dollars)

Includes: Accommodation – breakfast and food – Transfers – Tickets to the archaeological parks – Train to Machu Picchu (round trip) – Traveler assistant – Power animals workshop

Does not includes: Lunch in Aguas Calientes – Tips – extra expenses per person – Master Plants Ceremonies (due that they are optional). The price is 50 euro (70 Dollars) each.

Info @ :

ATALAYA, Arequipa 251 - Cusco - Perú.


                      If you want to stay longer...

                      Ask for our volunteer program in the jungle of MANU

If you need additional information or if you would like to book a presentation, a conference, or a workshop in your area, please write us at:

Ilustrations on this web are samples of huichol (wixarika) art.